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Gotham recedes... - The Lady Has A Scar

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March 5th, 2004

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02:49 pm - Gotham recedes...
Some observations on my travels thus far...

Even by airplane it takes a surprisingly long time to leave New York. I'm not referring to the city proper of course, but the densely populated swaths of land the surround and feed it. The stalagtite skyscrapers of Manhattan are the first to go, then the tight-knit streets of the outer boroughs give way to the sprawling suburbs, which eventually thin to the mcmansions nested on larger plots of land dotted with turquoise pools and finally your gone, nothing but farmland as far as the eye can see.

Unfortunately it grew cloudy soon after that and I couldn't marvel at the intricate patchwork of fallow fields that make up the great plains but it saved me from a sore neck I guess. We emerged from the clouds just minutes before touching down in Seattle, which was startling in it's jewel-like greeness compared to the winter-grey city I had just left behind

The Seattle airport is one of my favorites. I love the plethora of whimsical public art, clean spacious restrooms and how the directional signs will point you not only to your gate but to the nearest Starbucks as well - very amusing. I'm kind of obsessed with airports anyway, these transient spaces are filled with the most extreme happiness and sadness. I spent an enjoyable couple of hours trolling around Sea-Tac before my short flight to Victoria.

Bob's sculpture in the rotunda of the Vic. airport is looking sadly deflated but he tells me the replacement blimp is being manufactured as I write.

Yesterday I had my new passport photo taken, always a horror story. The girl at the photo counter was surprised when I opted for B&W; one thing you'll learn in art school, B&W is always more flattering (although it still sucked actually, I can't believe I'm stuck with it for the next five years!). Luckily I get to hang on to my old passport, which has one of my best ID photos ever.

In the afternoon I went up to UVic to get Rob Y. to sign my passport application. I was pleasantly surprised to encounter a long gray snake-like thing made of lint in the hallway, which could only belong to theslyestfox - kind of cool to encounter an object I knew of but never thought I would see.

Off to Bamberton now to spend a stormy Friday night sipping drinks in the cozy confines of Bob's cottage, always a highlight of my trips to BC...

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